Hey I just ordered my build which consists of a Phenom IIx4 965 BE, 7850, and this MOBO  .  I was wondering if this MOBO will be decent for OCing.  I am hoping to get a 3.8ghz OC and was wondering if I could do it on tht MOBO.  And BTW I heard this MOBO has OC genie II and can any tell me wut tht really is and if I could get 3.8ghz on OC genie II?

I am fairly certain that is NOT a good Mobo for it, from what I can look up it has issues with its VRM being lousy and bug prone. I would get an ASRock 970 Extreme3 and you will get an amazing OC out of it. Currently I am set at 3.7 and change with stock cooling and its not an issue. I was stable at 3.9 but I was getting leary about having a stock cooler, my temps never got 'too high' but they started creeping higher than I wanted to see them. 

Sorry if its bad news for you, but I really do feel that ASRock would be a better purchase for overclocking. I can personally recommend it because that is the board/Chip I currently game/photoshop on =).


Hope this helps.

Na The Asrock 970 extreme3 isnt realy that good for OC cause it has only a 4+1 power phase design

The msi 970A-G46 will do a better job on oc. realy ☺but not go to high. cause it has a 4+2 power phase if i am right..

the best board to  oc on with an older phenom II x4 is the Gigabyte GA-970A-ud3. comes with 8+2 power phase design

Or the Asus M5A97 Evo R2.0 comes with 6+2 power phase design..

notice that the X4 965 is a 125 W tdp cpu not a 95 W tdp


I haven't used the 970A-UD3, but I do use the 990FXA-UD3 and was SO easy to OC my 8350 from 4ghz to 4.8... So far, very happy with my Gigabyte MB. 

ASRock is quite notorious for bad capacitors. That can be a problem when overclocking. I don't have anything against ASRock other than that. I would've gone ASUS or Gigabyte.

I dont have anything against Asrock either, only i know theire cheaper 970boards arent that good for overclocking,

wenn you gonne look to theire top of the line motherboard the 990FX Extreme 9 with gold plated capacitors and a 12:2 power phase design, that should be an awesome board. if the quality of the componets they used on that board, are as good as they claim, then with 160 dollars its realy a big concurent to the sabbertooth and the crosshair  boards.

so i would say Asrock isnt bad, as long as you gonne buy theire top of the line products.

but those cheap 970 boards  extreme3/4 are not made for stable overclocking with only 4+1 power phase.