Good news for people who haven't bought PUBG yet as there will be a free standalone game


I’ve been wanting to play PUBG but there is no linux client.

still waiting


What is going on with the reviews on steam, started reading them and kept seeing the same complaint

What I think is the plan for the devs

Jokes aside I have no idea what the devs are doing

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Every developer is going to do whatever they can to cash in on that game type. GTAV has it in custom matches already

Just as I was reading this post I got an email from epic games that Fortnite Battle Royale is available! I just have to update the Epic games launcher and it should be available!


I feel very disappointed with Battle Royale but maybe I just need to be more patient and play more. Yesterday I tried a few matches, was getting lit up before I even hit the ground… Don’t know if it’s glitching or cheating or what.