Good MSI Afterburner settings and Corsair Link settings?

Anyone got a good profile for either Link or Afterburner? The one I use now isn't too good, I got a EVGA GTX680 and a Corsair H100i with 2500K, 

Depends entirely on your preference and the cooling available in your case. I would personally take my 680 as far as i could before i hit 90 at load,but that would probsbly be the max setting afterburner allows considering that in this hypothetical id have an MSI lightning card and my case would have either a panel fan blowing on the card from above  or intakes mounted at the front blowing down the cards length. But thats because im comfortable with high heat and GPU overclocks. I'd say take the card as far as you can go with the GPU temps being the 80s (at load).


As for your Link settings, i'm assuming you're using the  stock fans in pull, i'd set the fans at 30% RPM at my idle which you should probably have posted. Then my fan curve would hit 100% fan at 100% load, 70% at 90% load, 60% at 75% and 50% at 50%. Those sound good to me, but in all reality you should invest in some corsair SP 120 quiet/performance edition fans (at the least) to mount in push pull. The goal is to limit how often your fans hit 100% since highspeed = loud noise)


Final Note: Test your idle and load temps at the stock clock with the stock cooler, then test the cpu at stock with the h100i with link disabled that should give you the idle and load temps with the fans at 100% then say you're hitting 55-60 degrees at load you could safely set your 100% load RPM to 70% of your max RPM. In the case of an overclocki think it's best to tell you that if you OC your load temp should go no higher at the maximum than 90 degrees celcius (at 100% RPM), 80 is a comfortable load max for any OC.  


Some good testing utilities for temprature are realtemp 3.7/GT keep this running while you load test. For cpu max load use prime 95, and for gpu max loads msi's kombuster works well but farcry3/crysis2/metro2033/skyrim(with mods) at ultra at max resolution would service the purpose well enough.