Good Mouse and Keyboard for CSGO or gaming in general

Good mouse and Keyboard for CSGO and other games out there. Also a Good big mouse pad for the mouse as atm i use a sheet of paper xD 

I play CS:GO with a Deathadder 2013 on a SteelSeries QcK mouse pad. The mouse is comfortable for extended periods, and is very precise. Also the mouse pad is large enough to move around even with lower sensitivities.

Other options: Logitech G502

Corsair Vengeance M65

SteelSeries Sensei

Keyboard isn't as important, I'm currently using a Logitech membrane keyboard. If you want, pick a mechanical keyboard with your favorite mx switch. Corsair K-series are good, also CM's mechanical keyboards.

my setup is

Keyboard: k70 cherry mx brown

Mouse: Razer mmo naga (first edition they are blue led with 12 thumb button and 2 button on top left instead of the new one that are in the middle and unreachable) those old naga are hard to find unless you can go to china and shop for them then u can get them easy and for only about 50$

mouse pad: the Razer goliathus has some really nice large ones but most mouse work just fine on the desk unless it's glass top (or very reflective in some cases)

Mouse: Logitech G502

Keyboard: CM Storm QuickFire Stealth Red 

MousePad: Steelseries Qck, I highly recommend Steelseries Dex if you have the budget to go for.

I have a K70 with Cherry MX Blues and a Asus GX850 (Old and not very popular) with a steel series QcK Mass, I love it!

It all depends on personal preferences and needs. How much desk space do you have? How big are your hands? What kind of grip do you use? Do you use these peripherals mainly for gaming or do you do a lot of other things?  What is your budget? The list goes on and on. 

Normally i would recommend the Logitech g400s (i love them so much i've got two), however lately i've been having a lot of issues with the software not working properly which cause the mouse to forget its settings. Not huge deal but i am getting somewhat annoyed as Logitech seem to fail to fix this issue. Disregarding the software the mouse is absolutely brilliant, even worth dealing with the poor software that comes with it. 

The Steel Series QcK and its variants are just really great. I use a QcK+. Its large, thin and aesthetically clean. For me personally it just offers a perfect balance of speed and control and works perfectly with my mouse in CS:GO.

I use a Func keyboard (MX Reds) because i love its simple aesthetics and fair pricing. My next keyboard is very likely gonna be Func again but with brown switches.   

for mice if you want light and simple, Logitech g100s. If you want average with 2 side buttons, Zowie FK1. If you want heavy with a bunch of buttons, Logitech g502.

For keyboards. Which switch is pretty subjective. Cherry MX browns would probably be my recommendation. I'd probably recommend the cm storm rapid keyboard. You want a keyboard that supports PS2 and you want to connect via PS2. It simply works better for keyboards and your mouse will perform best when you minimize the number of devices running on your usb ports. You want to have headphones and microphones that connect analog instead of usb if possible.

Mouse: SteelSeries Rival; basically SS version of the DeathAdder. Very good mouse for the money.

Keyboard: Logitech G710+, saw that the Cloud9 guys used these so I tried them out and fell in love.

Mousepad: SteelSeries Qck+ Fnatic Edition. Great mousepad for only $20.

cm storm stealth with blue keys and a 2013 death adder. and a 15 dollars razer mousepad from my school campus store. its gotten me to mge :) but im thinking of maybe seeing how switching up to a different mouse will do.

Thanks guys, all will be taken into consideration for Christmas 



Anything really, but people seem to like flawless sensors for fps games, and a small gamepad like the nostromo or logitec variant may work given the small amount of buttons required, though that depends on your current keyboard.