Good motherboard for i7 3770k

Wanted to get some opinons on good motherboards that support the i7 3770k CPU. Thanks in advance!

I think it depends on what you want to do with it. I imagine you are going to build a higher end gaming rig or a work machine. Here are my choices. I am also going to assume that you you don't mind dropping more money for a premium product since you went with the i7 in the first place.

Gaming motherboard:

                 Thunderbolt option:

Professional Option:

                  Thunderbold option:

Asus seems to dominate intel at the high end.. There are other options, but they seem to have the best features and software at the moment.

As a more normal budget that wants good performance for either I would recommend:

Thunderbolt option:

I have the extreme4 with my i5-3570k and I am very happy with it. The asrocks have the xfast ram which is really good software for moving temp files and paging file to the ram. This speeds things up and lengthens the life of your drives.

I've got the MSI Z77A-G45 for my 3770k.

I reccommend going for the Z77 G45 Gaming Edition, the MSI boards are rock solid and OC genie is amazeballs.

Msi Z77 Mpower.

Budget and use?

I had a 3770k paired up with a z77 mpower and it was great. It's a good motherboard for overclocking and the uefi bios was nice plus it has a lot of features.