Good Monitors for Gaming?

Right so basically I'm here because my friend is looking for some decent gaming monitors. He has a Nvidia GTX 680 (4GB) He is looking for a monitor that he can have 3 of, on a stand (100mm x 100mm) He needs to use this for gaming, at the moment he was looking at an Asus VS248HR (24") He wants to know if this monitor is okay or if there is a just as good one maybe slightly cheaper.

It depends a bit on what your friend personaly prefers.
There are diffrent types of panels you can get, which all have their pro´s and con´s basicly.

  • TN panels: TN panels are often very popular by fps gamers, because they have very fast response times.
    But the downside of TN panels, is that their color reproduction, and viewing angle´s are not allways that great.

  • IPS / AH-IPS / S-IPS panels: IPS panels, are often very popular by graphic designers, but also by gamers.
    IPS panels have a great color reproduction, and very good viewing angle´s.
    But the downside of ips panels, is that they have slightly slower response times.
    In my opinnion not realy that noticable.
    Maybe for hardcore fps gamers it might be somewhat noticable depending on the quality of the monitor itself.
    There are also very fast ips monitors nowdays 120Hz+, but they are a bit pricy.

  • PLS panels: PLS panels are very close to IPS.
    But in my opinnion ips is still better.
    PLS is mostly made and used by Samsung.

  • AMVH panels: Are a bit in between TN an IPS.
    AMVH panels have slightly better response times then ips.
    But overall i think that they have better a better color reproduction then TN.

Personaly i´m a big fan of IPS panels.
LG makes some very nice IPS monitors for a realy good price.
And in terms of imput lag and ghosting, i have never realy noticed any with my IPS monitor.
Most ips monitors from whatever brand have an LG ips panel inside.

Oh yeah btw:
I would recommend to look at either a TN or IPS monitor.
Just ask your friend what he is prefering, and what kind of gamer he is.

  • If he just wants the best response times, and no imput lag, then he should go with TN.
    I think that the monitor you have listed in the OP is probably a TN.
    But i´m nort sure.

  • If he does care about very good color reproduction, and viewing angle´s are also very important to him?
    Then i would say grab a IPS / AH-ips.

Unless he plays a lot of fast paced shooters response time doesn't matter. Image quality is a lot more important in today's high fidelity games so I'd recommend a good IPS over TN. I got myself a Dell P2414H in December and I couldn't be happier with it.

Having used both TN and IPS panels, I personally prefer the IPS due to the brilliant colour reproduction

I can personally recommend the BenQ VZ2350. It's not too pricey, 1080p, 60hz refresh rate with a response time of 14ms and an AH-IPS panel. Been a perfect monitor for general use and casual/not super serious gaming.

But like the above posters have been saying, your friend might want a lower refresh rate for dem FPS games.