Good Miner for a First Timer

I am looking to get into mining bitcoins. For me power usage isn't an issue as I live in the middle of no-where Indiana where electricity is cheap. I was looking to the USB miners and just getting a USB hub and running it through my old Raspberry Pi. I am wondering if there is a better alternative to someone who has never done it before, and I don't want to put too much money into it. Like I said though power is very cheap here so that isn't much of a concern to me.

unless you have a purpose built asci machine then theres no way it will make you any money at this point. the difficulty is so high now that even gpu mining isnt going to cut it anymore. At least for bitcoin anyway.

USB miners have always been useless as you will never see a return on investment. raspberri pi will be useless too.

The raspberry pi would be useless for interfacing with a machine?

oh excuse me I thought you were going to use it for mining directly.

either way, there is no longer a cheep option for bitcoin mining unfortunatly. the usb miners are not strong enought to make your money back.