Good Mid-Ranged Case

Hey, I've been working on upgrading my pc one part at a time, and I have a 150-200 dollar budget for each part. I'm going amd. And I wanted to get the latest darkfleet case, but the cable management is kind of bad, same with the lanboy. Its a full atx motherboard, with a hyper 212 evo cooler. Are there any cases that anyone could reccomend with good airflow, good cable management, bottom psu mount, and that looks nice (side window)? 

Check out the Fractal line that Logan was reviewing awhile back. Very well priced and you get a ton of configuration options in one case. I was very inpressed with them.

I got a blackbone, I dont really like it for looks, or airflow, really. and the filter on front gets really dirty, and is hard to clean :/. Ive seen some of the fractile line, and Ill take a look at that, they do look like pretty nice cases.

I have the NZXT Lexa S mid-tower, it's a decent case. Little bit hard doing cable management

You can not go wrong with just about any Fractal case. They are amazing for the money... Also, the new Antec 1200 has tons of room, tons of airflow, and thest best features I can find for the money.

I like the 1200. But, what do you guys think? Should I go with the lanboy or the newest darkfleet? I mean, they look great, and i could work around cable management. I always have such a hard time choosing a case. If i dont go with one of them, ill probably go with the 1200.

Corsair Carbide 500R, very wide case and only about $140

I don't like the Dark Fleet series...mostly because of the individual doors they put on all the 5.25" bays.

Corsair makes some nice cases. I personally like the 600T, especially the white version. There's also the NZXT Phantom 410, NZXT Tempest Evo, Cooler Master Storm Scout, Cooler Master HAF 922, and Cooler Master 690 II.

Looks like Cooler Master is coming out with a new case. It looks pretty cool. The HAF XM:

I didnt really like the phantom series :/. Just not my style of case, ill look at the others though. I only have a full ATX board, so the Larger cases would just take up too much space.

Please tell me they have stopped using those huge hard drive cages that have the fan in front of it. It was a pain to have take out the screws to be able to take that thing out and then start getting the hard drives out. Even an old antec case I used to have had a hard drive bay that you could easily take out and deal with the hard drives outside. I wonder what made them thing that was a good idea.

I think i AM going to go with the lanboy, or the Carbide 500R. It just depends on what mood im in when I actually go to buy it :) Thanks guys!

I wouldn't go with the Lanboy. MNPCTech did a review on it, and they couldn't fit fans on the side panel once all their parts were installed in the case.

Well, I can see that, yeah. and I cant get over the cable management. So Ive replaced the lanboy with the thermaltake Level 10. I really like that one, as well. So, If i can manage to save a bit of money, I believe I will choose that, If i cant, then the 500R.

The Level 10 GT or the Level 10? Because the Level 10 is like $800.

GT, sorry, lol.