Good linux (Gnome 3) reminders apps?

So I’m trying to organize things better. I was using a google home synced with push notifications to my phone, but it popped. Since I’m using mycroft I figure I could push notifications that way, or set up a separate thing to connect my phone to gnome 3 and send notifications from there?

I dunno, thats for later. At the moment, just looking for a good Gnome 3 compatible reminders app. And by gnome 3 compatible, I mean I can set reminders to keep popping up until I check them off. I used to use Gnome To Do, but it didn’t pester me. Its mostly just a listing app, not really a scheduling app.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

Calendar may be capable of this though i have to check.

Gnome Calendar seems to let you set reminders and repeating events

Google calendar synced with Gnome 3.32.1 works for me - I pretty much set all appts/reminders on my phone, and they don’t fail to pop-up and annoy me when I’m screwing around on the desktop/bed-lounge-game-machine.

If at all possible I want to avoid google. They can stay tde hell out of my pursonal business.

Philosophically I totally get that. On a practical level I’m pretty certain Google, the FBI, the NWO, etc. don’t give AF about my doctor’s appts, the fact I need to pay my mortgage today (what popped up and reminded me of this thread today), and/or whatnot. Having anarchistic leanings/background and some interest in security culture, I initially struggled with the tech-life integration; but at this point i’m not sure it wouldn’t be better to mostly blend in - even if one had a reason to stay off the map.

But I’m just blabbing now, sry - hope you find what ur looking for :slight_smile:

Nah you have a good point tho.