Good Linux Distro for an Older Tablet?

So I just dug out an older Dell tablet out of the tech closet (don't remember the name of it), and I believe it was made to compete with the other tablets with shitty removable keyboards back in 2013. I never used the thing because running anything was clunky, and it didn't come with the detachable keyboard (it was a gift).
Anyway, the specs are an x86 based Intel Atom CPU Z2760 @1.80GHz, with a measly 2GB of RAM, and it's all running on 32-bit Windows 8.1.
Are there any Linux Distros that run smoothly on that kind of hardware and has the ability to utilize touch screens? The only thing I would use this thing for is a second screen to monitor chat while streaming to Twitch, or to see what's new on the Tek forum.
And I apologize in advance, the only Linux experience I have is with a little bit of Ubuntu.

Was it running well on windows 8.1? if so, you may be able to get away with plain Ubuntu. Ubuntu Gnome is also a good option as the gnome desktop environment is very touch friendly. If your not afraid to go a bit further in depth, you could use Debian as it is generally lighter weight than Ubuntu but may need a bit of configuring to get it how you want it to look.

I'm not sure about Ubuntu, or Ubuntu Gnome, but i would be willing to try it out and see how it goes. And yes, it is currently running 32-bit windows 8.1.
Thanks for the response!

If windows is running smoothly on it, I'm pretty sure it'll be able to run Ubuntu.

Awesome, I'll work on that and post an update tomorrow. Thanks!

Still open to suggestions on other Linux Distros though. I don't mind tinkering with settings if I have to.
I might look into Debian as well.