Good laptop for around 600 USD

Good Day

I am looking for an ok laptop for around 600 USD. I am not expecting a 980m or any thing, but would be nice if it can play some games. In general its for work and it not being a pos would be great.

I was thinking
ASUS F555UA-EH71 15.6 Inch, Intel Core i7, 8GB, 1TB HDD Laptop, Windows 10 (64bit)

it seems to fit the specks I need for the moment. But second opinions are always helpful.

Bit of a push price wise at $659 but, if you don't mind buying refurbished, this could be good.

I was thinking this one I know its above the price I said before, but it seems like it can do a little more. any one have any negative thoughts about this one.

that seems nice for the price very nice. Not a huge fan of dell or ebay but I will check it out.

That model has an M.2 slot, so the difference in price between that and the MSI could be used to buy a nice boot drive.

Negative thing i can see it doesn't have keys that use led. but that can be my preferences in a gaming laptop. But you said around 600 Dollar ;) but dont buy that asus. it has 1366 x 768 resolution.

I sold my 17" HP i5, 8 GB RAM, Win 10 Pro (vanilla) to my brother for $230. I liked it, but just didn't need it. Totally short changed myself, but I didn't lose any money since I only bought it for $150 (then spent $50 upgrading the RAM).

if you'd consider second hand laptops, the M18X, M17X, and M14X models are
cheap, upgradable, and plentiful
However they also heavy, have poor keyboards and have some other specific quirks you can learn about on laptopreviewforum in the AW owners lounge. I personally own an M18X R1