Good inexpensive low power usage media server build?

Me and a bro are trying to put together a media server for him, since his boxeo or wtfever is all but dead. He wants it to be as low power usage as possible and doesn't want to spend an arm and a leg(duh).


It needs to be able to play/stream 1080p video, small as possible case with still decent airflow, and I think thats about it.


This is what we've got so far


Not sure what case would be best, since we usually use full size or e atx cases for our stuff and don't know crap about small cases. Dunno if he'd need a non-stock cpu cooler since it only uses 65W. He has a spare hdd he plans to use and hes gonna run linux on it. 


Anyone have and tips or suggestions?

AMD's APU was an excellent choice , but your clock speed on the ram is recommended to be high at least in my opinion 1866 mhz. Furthermore, have you decided on a case and cpu cooler ?

P.S : I recently was doing some budget shopping on a build for a friends and found 8gb ( 2 DIMMS) of KIngston HyperX Beast as 2400mhz for $69.99 on amazon. Lastly, if you go with an unlocked APU you have more performance and it will satisfy your needs for a longer period of time.

Haven't decided on case or cooler(not sure if need after market cooler) since don't know much about small cases lol. Not sure if faster ram or unlocked cpu would help much, since he just wants it to stream/play 1080p video.

unfortunately, intel is retarded, and only has haslel i5's and i7's... this is the perfect application for a haslel i3....