Good Indie games? Need some to record!

I'm after something different, Ive browsed steam and although there is some good stuff such as door kickers which I will purchase while its in alpha, I'm still stuck on what to record, I'm tempted to do the Game Dev game to try the game piracy challenge, and then do it without piracy as much :)

I also wouldn't mind some recommendations on some absolute mad games, I call mad games stuff like Saints Row and when you go mental on GTA...

Thanks in advance!!

How about Fez?

Yeah ill try that, havent got a clue what its about so should make a good sort of first impression/gameplay video :)

A few more games that might make good videos that I know of are Lone Survivor, Dust: An Elysian Tail, and possibly Bastion. That is, if you plan on doing a series of each game

There are more I can think of that are worth a play but are far too short on their own to make very long series, most of which I found on

Yeah I plan to do the 1st episode like a complete blind letplay 1st impressions, then continue onwards and thanks for the link will help me a lot i think :)

Mark of the Ninja




Terraria & Minecraft both make for good Let's plays

You're welcome  :3

Oh, and there's also a ton of stuff to play on

There might be a new humble bundle in about an hour. Check it out! :) 

+1 for Terraia (especially with the recent update)


Hotline Miami

Kerbal Space Program

Trine 2

Legend of Grimrock

Okay should have a test video up on monday for quality, I shall link it on here to see what you think, also later in the month my internet gets upgraded and im getting a mod mic so overall quality should be much improved :) I plan to do part of a playthrough on monday/Thursday, Tuesday terraria wends possibly just random gameplay and randomise on friday, weekends i am not at home so I wont be uploading.

Binding of isaac rebirth, and shovel knight are some great indies that I have heard and played personally.

You should get Ori and the Blind forest, The Fall, Kentucky Route 0, Killing Floor 2, Besiege, and Brothers-A tale of two sons. I would stress getting Ori and the Blind Forest due to the mad feels you get in the story, the insanely good soundtrack (which sadly doesn't come with the game separately), and the majestic as fuck world.

Anything by introversion:
Prison architect (in ea, due to full release this year)

Terraria & Minecraft both make for good Let's plays

If you want to play the exact same game as 98% of YouTubers out there.