Good HTML Editor

I recently finished the HTML/CSS course in codeacdemy and was wondering if there is any good HTML/CSS editor. If it's free that would be great!

Any old text editor. I use Sublime Text 3.

'Brackets' is a new open-source editor maintained by Adoble. It's quite nice, still pretty early though.



I am using Notepad++ for all my web coding. Sadly, it does not run on Linux. On Linux I use Sublime Text. 

If you're using Windows-- use Notepad++.

Change your language to HTML or CSS by going to: Language --> H --> HTML or C --> CSS

@ismand95 Your link's broken because of the HTTPS. That or it's just me.. anyways works fine.

When I started using HTML I liked DreamWeaver a lot. But for all things holy, if you are going to use it, dont use the design tools, just use it for the IDE features such as it guessing what attributes you want for a tag as you are typing etc. The WYSIWYG can be usefull but dont follow it blindly.

Once you have a bit of experience you can make the switch to a text only lightweight editor quite easily. Thats my experience anyhow.

I like sublime text 3. It has realy good features and has a nice look and feel to it. You can try out the free version on their website.

+1 for NotePad++, very lightweight and there are some really nice colour schemes for it out there.

I just tried Brackets and I love it. Thank you!

My programming teacher, who worked briefly with Bill Gates, uses NotePad++. So I'd give it a +1 too.

Personally, I always thought it was a pay to use thing, so I never got it... I might now that I look closely and it's free.

Well off the top of my head there are two



Vim is an intuitive with shortcuts, designed for all types of programmers, and is completely cross platform.

Notepad++ is also designed for programmers, is simple to use with some powerful shortcuts, and has a live collaboration plugin.

If you're in linux your best bet is Gedit, Vim, or Notepad++ in wine.

Personally I have to +1 brackets, I find it a well designed tool and very user friendly. The editor has many great features such as code completion, a live development server, a JavaScript code quality checker, a built in extension library, live preview and much more. Brackets stream lines development and makes it much more efficient. Another plus is that the editor is totally portable, open source and is written in HTML and JavaScript, so it is completely hackable. By the way this this is my first post on TekSyndicate and I hope for there to be many more.

Im a big fan of LightTable... it was inspired by a T.E.D talk and allows for a load of cool things... even has a console (easy to use).

Or you could use

It is awesome... you can program and see your work instantly, save it online and share it!

I like it.

I have heard great things about both Notepad++ and Brackets. Brackets is more of a fully fledged editor, so I would probably recommend that for you. If your doing image/video editing as well, you could always get creative suite (6 or cloud, depending on your opinion) and use dreamweaver or edge code, which are both really nice to work in.

Sublime Text 3 is my personal favourite but brackets does look very interesting. I think I will wait until it is further developed to use it though.

Sublime Text 3 is a very good text editor. Don't go with 2 because it is quite old, but Sublime Text 3 is very established and easy to customize, plus, you don't have to pay for it.

Notepad. Do it the good old fashioned way. (as old fashioned as you can get with a website anyway..)

Notepad guy myself.


after that i always liked dreamweaver

Anything that supports emmet!