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Good host card

Afternoon, looking to get back into LG (sold my 1060 earlier this year to a coworker), yet I need something to pair with my 1080 Ti (Windows VM). I tried my GT710 and had less than spectacular results with it.

What is a good host card to go with, thanks. Btw not sure if I have to keep it nvidia for gsync purposes.

My guess would be some AMD card.

if you intend on utilizing gsync on your host then yes

As much as I would love to agree here, I simply can’t. AMD GPUs suck due to the reset issue. My recommendation at this time is to use NVidia.


Oh ok, good to know :slightly_smiling_face:

So, I grabbed a Galax 1060 from a coworker and I am up and running. However, I am getting some dropped frames because the guest hardware is faster (1080 [email protected]/120Hz). However, I believe this setting is pushing the software more than it should be. This is a temp card while I shop for a replacement with/is compatible with a waterblock.

While I messed with LG before I am really happy that it has hot keys to go full screen and capture all keystrokes.

Too much inconsistent information around the web on this. People are having the reset issue with Nvidia cards on this very forum. People are also getting AMD card to work without the reset issue… And I never see authorities like yourself replying on those threads.

Then they are doing something wrong, NVidia cards reset just fine

If they use the patch, and it’s hit and miss depending on how the VM was shut down, or your hardware… etc… in short, avoid AMD, get NVidia.

I have weighed in on this multiple times.

The guy who replied here in my thread seems to be going OK with his AMD GPU:

Clearest post I’ve found anywhere about which AMD cards have it or not:

This guy had no problems with NAVI (5700 XT):

There’s more diverging evidence all around the web - and I’ve seen several threads with you saying “avoid all AMD GPUs” and “use NVIDIA GPUs” - but without any clarity on which models of GPU. I don’t think it is this clear cut, and keeping track of these idiosyncrasies is one way to deduce & debug the problem.

That is correct. I even fixed my problems with Nvidia GPU passthrough (Using Either vendor is possible for me now), it just took time to troubleshoot, it was literally down to a bug in the UEFI version I was running for my motherboard causing issues with PCIE passthrough.

That said, Host card wise, AMD GPUs have proven to be a bit more consistent in my configuration when doing native linux or WINE+DXVK gaming, along with tuning CPU governors.

Nvidia is perfectly fine to use as well, though I never really nailed down the frame pacing issues I’d see from time to time, Though it could very well be my particular configuration/

TL:DR; The solution is entirely dependent on what gives you the best compatibility with your given hardware. Sometimes that takes trial and error.

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Hi Gnif, as there is several models from each vendor, some with the reset, some without, maybe you could solicit crowdsourced input for a chart of cards?
Maybe a wiki, and models with issues might be marked, or people could put their names against a good/bad section?
So maybe Nvidia has 5 models in the 10xx line, and a couple people have good for 1080, and one person has bad?

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At current, every NVidia GPU from the 580 to the 2080 works 100%, if you have any issues with it, it’s some external issue as was the case with @Kaiju.

AMD GPUs are hit and miss across every single one… there is no need for a chart that just shows all NVidia cards work, all AMD’s are patchy.

Still though, everything runs as about as well as can be. Also, Just got Looking Glass B2 RC2 and Scream over vLAN working. :slight_smile:

Waterblock compatible options pretty much limit you to a 2060 Super with a 2070 compatible PCB. (the EVGA XC models maybe) Otherwise it’s pretty much try to find a 2070 non-super used. (which runs the risk of getting early production runs with the UFO screen of death issue)

Glad to hear it, but you do know that Minecraft is a Java application and as such will run native under linux?

Except the RTX edition. That’s the MS Gotcha.

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Java edition sure but…