Good Guy Hi-Rez Studios

For anyone that did not know, Hi-Rez has for FREE download Earthsiege, Earthsiege 2, Starsiege:Tribes, Tribes 2, Tribes: Aerial Assault, Tribes Vengeance.

The site is again here. I recall them doing this a long time ago, however I wanted to highlight it is still up and how cool that is as they do not need to do this. Many companies just shrug and move on, leaving anyone that wants to play kinda screwed (unless you can find a cheap workable copy, if its "rare" enough it could be costly). If they do make it available then tend to kind of over charge if they think it will sell, not saying this is good or bad but it's nice to see a company give away legacy games that are still good to play today.

I wish more companies did this and for Tribes 2 there is a unofficial patch to play online still.