Good graphics card for my system

Okay, I need a new graphics card. I can run my games fairly well but would like some extra performance. I have a 430w power supply and an a6 5400k processor and my mobo is an asrock fm2a75m-dgs. 8 gigs of ram and windows 7 64 bit. I hope that my system specs help you to help me haha so anyway please hepl me. thanks.

Hey bud, what's your budget? 

No budget, default to Titan.

Dreamin bout 2011

1? pitiful, no budget = 4 titans

I doubt his motherboard has quad PCIe slots. At least 2, though.

In all seriousness though. 

Considering different budgets ranging from $100-250?

I'd say an HD 7850.

Also I am looking forward to be playing battlefield 4 on this system on ultra settings if possible. and Iwould say problably around 150-200-250$ would be my budget

A 7850 will be more than fine on 430W. That calculator is a bitch.

My mobo just has 1 pci-e slot.

Battlefield 4 doesn't look like that much of an improvement graphically over BF3. That said, you'll probably be able to play it with a mix of high and ultra settings at a solid 50-60fps. Within your budget, the 7850-7870 would be a good way to go. Its just your PSU that I'd consider an inhibitor. 

You can also take a look at the GTX 760, that should be way more than enough to handle BF4 at ultra.

And since Brenna says your PSU is fine for something, I'd trust him. He's usually spot on about that stuff.

Alright that sounds good thanks for the help ! :)

Also i'm guessing that I would also be able to play skyrim on ultra with possibly a really demanding enb mod compiled with lots of other mods?