Good GPU to pair with6800k

I need recommendations for a GPU to go with my AMD A10-6800K my price range is around the £100-£150 mark, My rig is purely for gaming with a tiny bit of light rendering here and there with Sony Vegas, my PSU for the build with my A10 in is conpleat overkill (750w for a build that uses around 300w)

Thanks in advance

I believe the HD 7750 is the Highest card you can crossfire with your Apu but the best performance would come from a HD 7850 at that price point

£150 Radeon HD 7870 Dual-X (dont bother with apu low ass card crossfire it just isent good enuff and games dont run very well with it)


I already have a 7750 in my other machine but I'm thinking what about if I upgrade the GPU in my I5 machine and use my current 7750 to crossfire with my a10

The 7750 isn't this supposed  to be able to run with a A10-6800K but some have been able to make it work and tbh the card works better dedicated than in CF with the A10 

Full article here,3583.html

I'd buy the HD 7879 and put it in your i5 rig and put the 7750 as a dedicated gpu in your APU rig.

I'm going to go with what Cooperman said, I like the look of those frames on Skyrim. Thanks for the help