Good GPU to beat gtx 650

Hello there! I need some help in terms of upgrading my graphics card, I have this card: here and I would like to know in the 100$ - 250$ range what is a good card that would blow this out of the water and play alot of games at their highest setting? (like borderlands 2, arkham origins, titanfall, sleeping dogs, etc) I tried awhile back using a r7 260x but it performed worse than my card (I have no idea why) and so I had to return it. any help would be much appreciated

This just came out and its really good for the money. You can max out titanfall for sure. 

+1 for the new "Maxwell" GPU's. As of now there are a really good & cheap way to get 1080p gaming on a budget. But honestly with your price range you should pick up a gtx 660 or 760 (lil bit on the higher range of your budget) they will preform better. 

Why do people keep recommending the GTX 750 Ti? It's performance is absolutely horrible for the cost. Granted, the power to performance ratio is amazing.

A GTX 760 is the best card in your price range, but if you could push up to a GTX 770 which is about $330 you could max almost everything at 1080p, whereas the 760 doesn't have enough power for some extremely GPU intensive games (Crysis 3 and the like.)

Very true but the whole point of a budget is not going over budget. We can go back and forth on whats really good and whats not. At the end of the day its his decision. Besides my way of thinking save money to buy more kickass games. Not everyone likes the idea playing for a game just for the graphics. Plus $100 difference is a lot of money regardless where you live.

Dude ! The 750 Ti is a great bang-for-buck card. Considering the price point and the games he wants to play the 750 Ti could pretty much handle all of the @ 1080p/30 fps. Yes the 760 is the best card in his price range but its at the highest end of his price range. Ultimately the choice is his which card he goes with but if he is just a casual or maybe a little bit above casual the 750 Ti will be a great choice. Below I will link a benchmark video for anyone interested. 



THe R7-260X performed probably worse in Boderlands 2. Am i right?

Yeah also in a lot of other games as well.

wow guys thanks for the advice! I am gonna try to get the 760 ti ftw edition as that looks really good from those benchmarks