Good GPU for Intel Core 2 Q6600 CPU?

What's a good video card for an intel core 2 quad q6600 stock at 2.4 ghz per core with 8 gigs of ddr3 1333 ram on an intel dp45sg motherboard? I don't wanna get a video card that will not be able to perform to it's full potential on this setup... Will be playing on 1920x1080p and will be playing games like COD black ops, diablo 3, far cry 2, crysis 1 and 2, guild wars 2, battlefield 3, singularity, and bioshock 2. I want to have a minium FPS rate of 30 for all of these games max'd out. 

You are retarded to think you can do that. I would maybe try a 7850 but it is going to bottleneck the GPU.

Well the stupid intel MOBO overclocks horribly.... I guess I should just get a new MOBO and cpu along with the GPU? I already have a hard drive, 500 watt power supply, case, and an optical drive.

What kind of budget do you havein mind for the upgrade ?


Budget for an upgrade is about say 400 total? I mean as long as I can get atleast 30 fps and no lower on a game like crysis max'd out on 1080p resolution I'll be happy. I have everything else that I need case,crosair 500 watt psu, optical drive, and hard drive. Just need the new ram, new mobo, new cpu and new gpu. Also not a big fan of overclocking but if you can find a mobo that will do well and a cpu i'm game to get a little extra performance.





That bad boy will max out your games problam.