Good Gaming laptop specs?

I was just wondering if you guys think that these specs are good for a gaming laptop.

  • 2.6 GHz Quad Core i7
  • 8GB 1600MHz RAM
  • nVidia GeForce GT 650M 1GB GDDR5

Yea, or nea?

they're nominal, are you inquiring about the G75? or one of those fancy origin laptops?

also you should be able to run skyrim without issues.

I'm gonna be using it for Skyrim, DayZ, Assassin's Creed, Sleeping Dogs, Borderlands 2, and a bunch of other fairly demanding games. I'm not inquiring about the G75 or a 'fancy origin laptop', whatever that is.

i'd start inquiring about the G75 then, the cooling system on that thing is drool worthy

the alienwares are meh

Not buying Asus computers for a while.

"ASUS recommends Windows 8."

Anyway, I only ask because those are the specs for the Macbook that my college is sending me. I'm going for Game Design and I wanted some opinions.

Here's the (complete) list:

who cares what asus recommends, just use what works best for you.

you don't need windows 8, you could do it on a liveusb stick if you wanted to.

also have you checked the dev tools on steam recently? they're reather impressive.

I like Windows 7. I tried W8 and it just.. meh.

Anyway, no I haven't tried any of the dev tools on steam because my computer can't handle them. I could play Portal 2 at like... 20 FPS, I think. I'll be able to use them once I get my computer built though.


I hate to say it and I know this is a sweeping generalization but there is no such thing as a good gaming laptop. They are always a compromise, you just can't fit the kit needed in such a small form factor. Not that could be compared to a desktop at the same price. At best you will end up with a mediocre experience for a whole heap of money. Screen will be too small, CPU under powered, GPU the same. Heat is a real issue and you won't be able to game on the battery. So your big heavy, hot and expensive laptop becomes a transportable. You sure as heck wouldn't want it on your lap! Hotter than hell!
Have a look at they way some LAN gamers build their systems. Sure it will be bulky but if you are going to have to run connected to the power all the time. you might as well just be using a desktop, just one that is designed to carried. You will have a way better gaming experience than some super expensive laptop.

Check out some of the cool bags and backpacks. You can Google those names.
This one for the monitor "Battle Dragon Bag"
The PC can be carried with this one "Sunbeam LAN Party Bag"
For the keyboard and stuff thee is the "Falcon Dust Off Keyboard Quiver LAN Gamers Backpack"

Anyhow just a suggestion, Gaming Laptops always disappoint. If you rethink the real world use, ask yourself how often will I be moving this computer you may find that a desktop is a better option and to be honest for PC gaming a desktop is always a better option.

You may want to read into the comments next time, mate. I'm not building anything. Or buying anything. The school is sending me a Macbook Pro with these specs. I'm going to school for Game Design so I just wanted to know how it would handle it.


Sorry m8 the post were coming in thick and fast, several while I was typing... Dho my bad.

It's cool mate. Lol. I was just mentioning it.

i know those feels

Still don't get the whole macbook thing, seems rather insulting


There are good gaming laptops, clevo makes great ones if you have the money, my laptop can play pretty much any game that is out right now at max and isnt that heavy, whatever you do dont buy from origin look at malibal or xoticpc they are the exact same laptop but will cost a lot less.

no budget?