Good gaming keyboard ( $80)

i would like know what is a good keyboard under $80,-?

Are you familiar with MX switches? There are different kinds that you should research: brown, black, blue, red, etc.

They affect the way you press a key down in mechanic keyboards. Some are better for typing, others better for gaming.

QuickFireRapid with MX Greens.

i don't know anything about this ? could you help me ?

The Cooler Master CM Storm's are good for the price. Just make sure you watch what model it is since some come with out a NUM Pad. Mostly you just got to read and if you can go try out the different switches. Last post recomends Greens While I usually recomend Blues, but who knows what works better for you.


CM Storm Trigger, blue MX was for a while around 70 bucks, I don't know if it stills under that offer, but man, that's a good keyboard.

Mechanical keyboards are all the rage now. These keyboards use Mechanical switches Instead of using membranes like the standard keyboards. e.g. Razer Arctosa, Lycosa and Logitech G15, G19 and such.

Mechanical keyboards, well use a Mechanical switch. There is a lot to cover, but it would be easier if you read it yourself on the dedicated wiki page for Mechanical Cherry switches.

Most gaming keyboards are MX Cherry Blue, Black, or Brown.
I will give you the basic info for those 3 switches which are most common:

MX Blue: Clicky and Tactile
- When you press down a key, you will hear a distinct "clicky" sound and you will feel a tactile feedback.

MX Brown: Non-clicky and Tactile
-When you press down a key, you will only get a slight tactile feedback.

MX Black: Non-clicky and Non-tactile
-When you press down a key, you will get nothing, you will only know that you have activated the key by pressing the key all the way down.

Most people do press the key all the way down, so these different MX keys, just have a different way of responding and feeling, when the key is pressed.

Some examples of which keyboards are Blue, Brown and Black:

MX Blue: Razer Black Widow

MX Brown: Logitech G710+

MX Black: Steelseries 6G

I would suggest actually going to a store and trying the different types of keys, so you will know what you actually want.

I personally prefer the MX Brown keys, because I like the tactile feedback, but hate the clicky sound.