Good gaming headset with Mic

I'm looking for a quality gaming headset that has a mic and is comfortable for long hours of usage for around $70. I currently use a Turtle beach X11 which is being held together with duct tape...  I was thinking about the Razer Kraken Pro from newegg, but it has mixed reviews and that green is honestly so ugly.



funny you posted this video, cuz i actually watched it before... but i honestly do not want to go through building my own.

HyperX Cloud perhaps then

Well after spending the past day in thought about what would be better.... I have reformed my ways about buying a premade gaming headset, and have to decided to build my own ( I mean I built a computer.. how hard could it be to mod a headset with a mic) However after watching each of Logan's videos on how gaming headsets suck, I was wondering if I should go with Logan's fav, The Superlix 668B. He mentions it being an Open headset which allows you to hear stuff going on around your house while wearing them, which having 2 other people living with me, I fear that at times I won't be able to focus on the game. Now my Turtle beaches X11 don't exactly cancel all noise but the fact that they are a closed headset and I can still sometimes hear stuff going around me, which makes me fear that open headsets aren't for me... Plus I also use Skype and Team-speak all the time while gaming, so I don't want to get a real cheap mic such as the $1 one Logan mentioned in his video. Anything you guys recommend?

Consider the HyperX Cloud II

Still not better than a separate headphones/mic combo but up to you to decide if it's good enough

Also if you're in a noisy environment, you may want to stick with closed headphones but again, up to you

i love my cheapo lapel mics, they sound dencent