Good Gaming Headset W/Mic Under $50 If Possible

So, recently, i purchase a z11 turtle beach for 30 bucks on amazon, because i was in need of a headset, but since i bought it, only the left speaker works.

Im asking if you guys know any others out there thats good for under 50 bucks(with mic). 

A little over the price margin is fine, but nothing too high. (on budget for headphones right now :(.)

If you dont have anything, i might as well replace it, but would like to ask you first.


Thanks in advance:)

I've been looking at several reviews about this and found the Creative Sound Blaster Inferno to be a fairly good headset for the price. I have not used them, so I can't recommend them from experience. Here is a link to one of the reviews that I looked at that gives a good review about this headset.