Good games coming out in 2011

Recently, I think the games being released have been poor. I played the first part of Crysis 2, and then got bored. The graphics are way worse than Crysis 1's and I don't like the game play either. The last really good game I played was Metro 2033, at the start of 2010.

Which games are you looking forward to this year? I can think of Deus Ex and Portal 2, anything else??

The Witcher 2... and uhm... Yeah, that's it.


Deus Ex: HR

Witcher 2 (still have to finish the first one lol)

RAGE looks nice

Red Orchestra 2 looks nice also

Looking forward to Dungeon Siege 3 since I quite like Obsidian


There's a [url=]thread similar to this[/url], but it's buried so I think it's fine.

04/18 - Portal 2

05/17 - Brink

05/31 - Dungeon Siege III

06/21 - Might & Magic: Heroes VI

08/23 - Deus Ex: Human Revolution

09/13 - RAGE

Between 04-09 - The Old Republic

11/02 (Rumor) - Battlefield 3

11/11 - Skyrim

Fall 2011 - Mass Effect 3

Portal BF3 after seeing the trailer... ( fucking sick ) Mass Effect ( even thought Ive never played the game =3 )

Brink... meh.. I dont know.

Brink and Fable 3 are at the top for me

Hmm.. I've never heard of some of there games. The Witcher 2 looks good.

Ohh yeah, Battlefield 3 ofcourse.. If that's even coming in 2011

DUKE NUKEM and mw3 and all the other ones listed

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