Good games? 2-3GB File Size or less

As the title suggests, I'm looking for fun games that have a small file size.  My internet is painfully slow.  If you need an idea of how slow my internet is, it takes me 6-8 hours to download 1GB of data.

Any suggestions?  I will play just about anything I can get my hands on.  My main game collection consists of RPG, RPS, FPS, racing, and games like Portal or Minecraft.  I also like WWII shooters.

Dwarf Fortress!

kerbal space program rocks, also, nfsmw and gta sa


Also, Bastion, Limbo.

Awesome!  Thanks guys.  And as always, more suggestions are welcome.

More Dwarf Fortress!

Anything Half Life related (HL1/Black Mesa, HL2, HL2 episode 1, HL2 Episode2), Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, Age of Mythology, Super Meat Boy, Deus Ex, The Dig, Theif 2, Torchlight 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Baldur's Gate, System Shock 2, and basically any old game or rom/emulator.

+1 Bastion is a MASTERPIECE!!!!!!!!!!


+1 for bastion also, the binding of issac, they bleed pixels, super hexagon,

... i'll think of more later, but really most indie games have small file sizes, just have to pick some you like

also i forgot about emulators, gamecube is the newest you'll emulate with files in the size range, also nintendo ds and sony psp, though all of these are pretty intensive to emulate you should have decent luck with the pc in your profile. And of course there's older consoles, snes, gba, and ps1 had some gems

Maplestory or Star Trek Online

+1 for The Dig!

Also look to indie games. Usually they are much smaller than AAA games.

I'l definitely give Dwarf Fortress a shot lol.  Playing some Bastion at the moment.  Pretty awesome game.  I love the soundtrack.

Killing floor is on sale on Steam for $3 until July 11th. It's only 2.8gbs

Check these ones out, they are all platformers with very interesting mechanics (except for Evoland, which is so awesome its not funny). all DRM free too.

Well. uuh,

Why not team fortress 2? :D it's F2P and tiny.

tf2 is like 12GB

yah, its 11.?? GB, so I wouldnt call that tiny ...

I feel your pain DeusAres it takes me about 12 hours to download a gb...

some small games i would suggest:                              

 awesomenauts, portal 1 and 2, legend of grimrock, they bleed pixels, hotline miami, painkiller 1, warframe, audio surf, beat hazard, mcpixel, serious sam, terraria, gmod, and alien swarm.