Good (Full Desktop) Screen Recording Programs

I currently have dxtory but my problem with it, is that it only records a windows I want a program that can record the whole desktop, can someone point me in the right direction

you can use fraps or camtasia, both can record the screen, fraps is easier to use


edit: oops, did'nt see this was posted in Windows forum ... good luck !

OBS can record the whole desktop and compresses it nicely. I do not recommend FRAPS because the file size would be gargantuan at higher resolutions (assuming it can capture the desktop) and at 1080p would probably max out your HDD in terms of speed

Try OBS..

OBS is probably the easiest solution. 

I use both OBS and Dxtory, two incredible programs, both recomended.

Once you learn how to use OBS you will love it, and if you want something a little more simple, try Dxtory, it is not free as OBS but it is worth it, It is more intuitive and has more or less the same features and some different ones. (you can try it before buying, that's what I did and I ended up buying it) 

If you end up buying dxtory I recommend checking the x264vfw codec, seriously it gives me incredible performance and almost no resource use. (use the ultrafast preset and good to go) 


Thanks guys I will install OBS

Thanks for the response for if I ever move to linux but i would rather use vokoscreen if I moved