Good Free Website Host?

I am planning to make a simple site just to boost my media venture. Just posting some of my works in photography, digital art, etc. Some blogs here and there for tips and stuff. Nothing super ambitious... yet. LOL

I was looking into free website hosts as I am still starting out; I'd like to have a free web host that I may later upgrade to a paid/pro account later on when I get more hits. I'd also like to have a free web host wherein there are no rule against third party ads like Google Adsense (gotta earn some cash here, too... LOL)

I was looking in but as this is going to be my first time looking in site hosting, there might be better alternatives out there.

Remember, keyword, FREE lol and a free web host that can let me edit CSS codes, etc, to my liking and not the generic templates.


And if I stumble into a prob setting up a website, hope you guys can help me out when I come crying back into the forums. LOL

I'd like to know too. I'm looking forward to practicing web design like crazy.

honselty theres nothign good thats free i know someone who ahs a site that might be willing to add your domain to his account and use all his resources

Nate used to use some free service... it kinda worked... but it was slow as hell. The trouble is that you have used the word "free" and "good" in the same sentence. That is nearly impossible to find. Free and acceptable might be a better bet. 

You could try

edit: oops they use templates.. my bad :(

I suddenly had a change of heart with the free ones right now LOL I might just use them for practice in webdesigning and later shift into a webhost with a fee. Is iPage a reliable host btw?

I'll probably practice using for now. LOL

I might look into for now. I can edit out the CSS and stuff there. Pretty good practice. I will most likely shift into better webhosts that comes with fees like maybe iPage.

Have you tried iPage or any of the sort?

I'm looking into right now. You can edit out the CSS and stuff.

At first I was going to use a free webhost and hopefully that webhost has the option to go for a paid account later on if I choose to do so, but I might just use purely for practice and go for other paid webhosts like iPage.

This is going to be my first time trying to design a page. Boy oh boy, lots of sleepless nights trying to get it right LOL

best thing to do, go with a free hosting service and then buy a domain name from a site like

it will cost you like less than 10 dolalrs for a year, then you can do a redirect to the free host. :)

I would never recommend doing a free webhost in my personal opinion. If you want something clsoe to free and good get an unmanaged vps. is what i use I pay for a bit more expensive one but the 15$/year vps would work perfectly for you. You just have to wait for them to stock up.

1freehosting is really good free 10gb of storage and 100gb of bandwith monthly

I hear you on the sleepless nights. I will do the same once I am done with my current endeavor. I need to start practicing like crazy since I found out I really enjoy creating/managing RDBM and I find web design more interesting than C++, visual basics, java and the like. I like them, but web design is more what I want to do. Thanks to everyone for their advice, I'll check out everything that was mentioned.

This is the one Logan mentioned, but it is as good as you'll get for free. is good as it gets i use it and it has good speed and hardly no limits but bandwidth only seems to be the issue and ftp connections which gets annoying and after a month of not signing onto wordpress they tend to email you and say hey site will be removed within 7 days thats silly

I second 000webhost. If it is still ike it was when I were using it, It got Cpanel and very few limits.

Don't get predefined websites, find a cms you like and host it on the free host site;

Good site for cms';


They also sell domains you can easily connect to your site (a proper domain name costs as ztrain said, about 10 bucks for 1 year)

I've had good luck with running a LAMP server out of my basement. You can do more with a LAMP server than with most free web hosting sites. The only point to using a free host would be if you had a data cap, or your household dosen't have a computer to spare.