Good free VPN?

Pretty much as the title says it I would like to be able to use shit like Pandora, hulu (because im not in the states) that kinda stuff as well as not having my ISP fuck with my shit anyone know any good VPNs?

Yo, language man

Anyways, Hulu is blocking traffic from VPNs, so yeah. The only 'free' one I know of is Hot Spot Shield, and that runs on ad revenue for the free version.

I use CyberGhost.  They have a free version that makes you wait 60 seconds before it connects and shuts off after 3 hours, but you can just switch it back on again.  I used it for a while and eventually went to the paid service because I think it's worth it.

The good thing about them is they keep no logs, so you don't have to worry about anyone requesting them because they don't exist.  =)

Hotspot Shield

I would stay away from free vpn's - they have to make money somehow & chances are that 'some how' is on-selling your metadata.

A service like PureVPN is cheap (cost of a video game for a years protection). It also has specific servers to make things like Hulu as good as they can be. Plus the subscription covers 5 devices so you could get together with 4 others to spread out the cost.

TLDR - beware of free, best to pay.

Thanks for all the help now I can finally delete the barely working gross vpn I had that was probably selling my soul to Verizon