Good FM2/FM2+ Heatsink/Fan?

Hey, I've got an A10-5700 that I'm taking out of my current computer and putting onto a new mobo (currently on a Gateway desktop and I want more freedom). So I'm looking for a good heatsink and fan. Any recommendations for an FM2/FM2+ mobo? I'd like easy installation, if possible. No more than $40 would be preferred, cause if I have to do that, I'll say screw it and get an FX-6300 and get a cheaper Cooler Master or something.

Let me know, please and thank you. 

FYI all amd coolers socket 754 and up are compatible. I would suggest a n nzxt t40 or a hyper 212 

depending on case size, the xigmatech dark knight is pretty cool (pun intended)