Good fantasy books for a newbie reader?

Never been one for reading that much, but I kinda wanna try to start reading a bit more. Does anybody on here have any suggestions for good fantasy books? I saw the thread about the Mistborn trilogy and will probably be picking those books up. Any else I should look at?

Thanks in advance.

I really like some of the Magic: The Gathering books especially Urza's saga. The problem with the MtG books is that each book is written by a different author. You might like the writing style of one but not the other.

Are you looking purely for sword and sorcery style fantasy?

Really anything in the way of western fantasy.

Also, to read the MtG books, do you recommend knowing the game and the lore before playing? Or is it still an enjoyable book and maybe even an introduction to the game? Always been interested in MtG, but never got around to it.

The Inheritance cycle by Christopher Paolini. 4 books in the series. 


You don't need to know the lore to play the game and you don't need to play the game to enjoy the lore. I don't think the books would help much in terms of playing MtG either. I don't play MtG myself and nothing in the books really taught me anything about the game. There are a bunch of MtG books but I started out with The Brothers' War simply because I liked Jeff Grubb as a writer. I can't attest to anything other than the 4 books listed as the "artifacts cycle" in that wiki link though because thats all I've read. Although I'm sure all the Jeff Grubb books are good at least.

Wheel of Time is another great series. Ender's Game is also another great one although it's sci fi fantasy.

There are actually some pretty good video game related fantasy books too. Warcraft and Starcraft both have books based on them that are good. Myst also has amazing books written about it. I highly recommend the Myst books.

The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss is really good.

the hobbit, and the lord of the rings trilogy .

Old Kingdom

Thanks for the many suggestions, will be checking them all out.

Read The Magician by Raymond E. Feist. It has magic, war, dwarves, elves, dragons, sorcerers, etc and is quite easy to read.

If you want something more dense, read the Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tokien. It is the creation story of Middle Earth, Sauron and the Rings.

The Discworld series.

Just a few that I've read that I love to death.

Someone already mentioned Name of the wind, and i will back that up those are a GREAT set of books (currently 2)

Most beloved of series but incredibly heavy I haven't finished this series though, on book 7 of 14. 

^^^^ This. ^^^^


the dresden files by jim butcher are pretty good

Almost everything by david gemmell is also awesome...

i have never read anything by anyone else that comes close to gemmell :D he had a real gift for making you truly care about characters before killing them off in an epic fashion

good fantasy? try the american constitution. :)

If you want something dark and gritty I would recommend Black Company series by Glen Cook and The Malazan Book of the fallen by Steve Erikson.

The Deed of Paksenarrion by Elizabeth Moon are good as well.

If you want classic Hero I would say any book by David Eddings.

Deverry Cycle by Katharine Kerr has some interesting take on fantasy.

For more mature I would recommend The Black Jewel trilogy by Anne Bishop.


Made me chuckle.

Thanks for the suggstions.

Thanks to everyone posting in this thread. There seems to be a lot of books I need to carch up on. I shall commence doing so very soon.

Any books by David Gemmell, really good