Good fan controller?

So I need a fan controller for my Prodigy (not enough mobo headers for even stock fans). So what is a good fan controller around $20? I want to have enough money to buy a 230mm Spectre pro as well.

There is the NZXT Sentry Mesh for $22 USD, I was planning to buy one but don't have enough fans in the first place to take advantage of it. It powers up to 30W on each slider.

You can also look at a fan splitter, like this one.

This one is 1 to 3 splitter but there are also 1 to 2 even up to 9 (if you want to go nuts).


I have a couple of Y splitters but they only work well if you have the same fans or else I would get one noise fan and one quiet fan since 50% speed was different on the two.

Bitfenix Recon. Only requires a single drive bay. So it should fit your mITX.

I didn't have enough fan headers for my fans. I have a 6way braided cable for most of my 120mm chassis fans. I decided to populate all available mounts in my 600T. That would be a cheaper alternative.

Yea forgot about that.