Good enough gaming PC

I want to upgrade my pc this coming christmas that fits my budget. I need your opinions and I am taking all sugestions =)


I am upgrading from: (pretty old)

Intel core 2 duo e7500 2.9ghz - I overclocked this to 3.4ghz

Asus p5kpl-am se

2gb kingston DDR2 ram

Nvidia geforce 9400 gt 1gb - I overclocked this from 550 mhz to 700mhz

Seagate 300 gb HDD

Generic PC case and some 500 watt psu


Here's the parts I plan to buy: (mAtx)

Intel core i5 2500k - I will overclock this to 4ghz

Thermaltake water 2.0 performer 

Asus p8z77-m pro mATX motherboard

G.skill sniper 8gb (2x4gb) 1600 mhz; cas latency 9; 1.25 v

EVGA gtx 660 SC 2gb

1 TB seagate barracuda 7200 RPM - my old hard drive is crap

Fractal core 1000 case - I like how it looks and how it is small

Idk what PSU to buy


Is this a gaming pc? I am also building a new computer myself

Looks good to me!

I think knowing you budget might help. :/

I'm building a VERY similar gaming pc using the same case. Link :

Also it would be helpful to know where you live. (country.)

I'm sure once Gigabuster or Cloud gets here they will have better advise to give then me.

I forgot to ask, where do you plan on mounting that radiator? Because if you mount it on the side it will be in the way of the GPU and I don't think the tubing is long enough to reach the front. 

P.S. The rear exhaust fan mount is 92mm, your radiator is 120mm.

Yeah give me a budget and I'll put a build up

If you don't mind me asking, gigabuster, are the new Ivy Bridge i3's i.e. 3220 overclockable? If so, how far?

I just didn't think it was necessary to make a thread just for that question.


you can OC the bclk to like 110 I belive but I still wouldn't go past 105, multi is still locked on any non-K and non-X CPU

I'm here too often when people know me by name >_>

Daw, overclocking an i3? Thats so cute.

I'm not gonna get too indepth without knowing your budget or country, but this build is a bit unbalanced. You should be able to push the i5 2500K a fair bit farther than just 4.0GHz. You current build doesn't require more than 500W, I'd suggest going for a 80+ bronze 550W XFX PSU if your in the US.

I'm from the Philippines, and my budget is about 900$. For the PSU, is an Antec Neo Eco 520w or a Silverstone Strider 500w any good?

I plan to mount it on the front, and I think the tubing (326mm) will reach because the case is quite small.