Good Emulators?

Hello again everyone,

Does anyone know of any good (i.e. not resource hungry or untrustworthy) emulators for N64 and Gameboy? I miss playing some of the old games and would love to give them a go again (sadly my consoles dont work anymore so that is not an option ... )

Thanks in advance Guys. i can vouch for visual boy being the best out there

this site is very trustworthy, as is rom hustler (for games)

Thanks heaps overlord. Ill give them a whirl when I get home XD

If you have a collection of PS2 games sitting in the basement or in a back closet hidden in a box, you should get PCSX2 and use a program like PowerISO to copy your discs to your HDD. I've been using it to play FFX, FFXII, Kingdom Hearts I&II, and a few other PS2 games ive had for years but couldnt play since my PS2 was stolen 7 years ago.

for single player games or ones that don't require a solor sensor nothing beats Visual boy advance

for DS/GBA with multiplayer or solar sensor get No$GBA

I use project 64 1.7


oh yes, you would need no$gba if you wanted to play boktai (1/2/3), which you should play, because they're awesome