Good email services?

so i've been using yahoo mail for a number of years now and im now averaging around 100 or so spam messages a day. so to fix this solution i decided it is time to start work on a more serious email address, one that i could use for a number of years to come. so im asking here if anyone knows or what do u use as your email service, i would like it to have:

1. ability to sort out some messages into different folders for different subjects (minor thing that i want, i can live without it though)

2. spam filter (duh)

3. free or reasonably priced (i dont mind paying a little for a nice email service)

4. nice layout


any help/advice is appreciated thanks


Gmail has filter settings that let you sort different things from different addreses into different folders, it has multible themes, and it, drum roll please... is FREE!

Edit: it also has a pretty good spam filter.

I can second this. I've been using Gmail for about 2 years and I've never gotten any spam. Now, some emails did end up in the spam folder but that was because of how the people sent them to me. Also, a Google Account lets you do a lot of stuff like be on G+, save your bookmarks across devices and more.

Gmail aswell i never use anything else anymore ! "plus i RAR up any important files and password them" To stop anyone else reading them if i really want to keep things from prying eyes 


Sorry about any spelling or grammer mistakes there maybe they kicked me out of school

gmail is the way to go.

you can set filters and have your emails sorted into folders by the sender, keywords, and other things.

the spam filter is VERY good, and if something does get by, you can just send all from the sender directly to trash (using the above method)

the layout is logical, and it integrates into google contacts (which will sync with an android phone), google chat, google voice, and google calander. (this is all in seperate windows, so if you dont use any of those, you wont notice it. however its very nice that it does that)


now heres the good part. its FREE. but a lot of email services are free. why is google so much better? well... the SMTP / POP3 support is also free (which you normaly would have to pay for with yahoo / aol / (i think) msn). so, if you have a program that can fetch emails (like pidgin chat, rainmeter, or any other email client) you can punch in your google credentials and it will fetch your emails for you. which is not used by many people, but its DAMN nice.

i have used yahoo for forever, and you can set filters just like gmail. and I don't usually get spam slipping through the filter