Good Earbuds

I'm a big fan of good headphones but i'm not too well informed about earbuds.  I'm looking for some earbuds that can grip well for when i'm running/working out which can be comparable to the Sennheiser HD 595 in sound quality.

 Like i said i'm pretty much in the dark on earbuds, but i'm curious to know if sennheiser since i've never went wrong with them have good earbuds.  Other good brands for earbuds i should know like AKG, Mezz???, Audio Technica?


I got some Jaybird Bluebuds Xs just for going out. They fit my ears perfectly. They are bluetooth, which is surprisingly nice. Not having a cord run down your arm or body is amazing.

You won't be able to get the worlds best sound quality in such tiny drivers, but those are the best sounding ones that I have tried. The price might be a bit too steep though at $150.

I'm still using a relatively old set of Sennheiser CX495s.  They work well, stay in my ears when running/working out/doing yard work (I miss apartment living) and have fairly decent sound quality for ear buds...  but they're probably not going to compare well with the HD 595.  For something on that level, you're going to have to spend a pretty penny, and it will still likely be somewhat lacking simply due to driver size and the acoustics of having such a narrow delivery area.

I know that probably doesn't help you much, but it's all I got lol.

Ya I have some CX475s that older but still awesome.  For earbuds go for what you think will stay in your ear the best as I find that to be a larger factor over the sound quality.

Thanks i'll check out the CX495 and the Jaybirds.