Good Desks and Chairs?

I'm looking for a good desk and chair, that's large enough to sit the monitors in this build (, as well as having some extra space, I do have a chair and desk picked out, but I'm not sure how good they are, so if you have any experience with either, please share your opinions. If you do have a suggestion, please make sure both the desk and the chair fit into my $250 Canadian budget.

What is the desk/chair set up you are thinking about?

I was going to go for an Ikea MICKE desk in black/brown and an Ikea MALKOLM swivel chair, as you can see I haven't really been looking around, I just went on the Ikea website and clicked what might look good.

I have the Fredde desk and I love it. Plus I installed LED lights underneath where the monitors sit and I think it looks pretty sweet. But I am not sure that will leave you with very much for left for a chair.

Simple, but very clean, that will look pretty sweet with the define r5.

If you're able, you can save yourself some cash and build your own desk.

My floating desk setup only cost me $50.

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Is your chassis going to be on the ground or on your desk?

I've just got two black 1x0.6m Linnmon desktops with black Adlis legs in an L shape, does the trick. Cost me £43 for the two including delivery.
I didn't want to commit to a singular desk, this way I can just add more of them (maybe get another and make a "[" shape idk) if I want it bigger. Plus, they're pretty cheap.

It will be going under my desk, but I may put it on my desk, I'd like room to do so if the want arises.

Yea, the desk doesn't have a ton of surface area, so it probably be best to keep it under (unless you have carpet)

Do you have any pictures of what it looks like? I'm trying to picture the L shape you're talking about, also, getting the tabletop and then the legs is a much cheaper alternative to simply buying the table I was going to get, so thanks for the idea!

It's just two of the desks, one placed infront of me, and the other turned 90 degrees stood next to the first.
ASCII time. Like this:


Ohh, now I see, that's a lot more simple than what I had it thought out to be haha.

Got my chair and desk from an office that was shutting down in london (was walking past and saw them with a skip and a bunch of gear lined up in the foyer ready to chuck in) Asked if it was all being chucked and when the guy said yes I asked if I could have a desk and a chair. Long story short I'm now in the ex ceo's very nice faux leather chair with a nice desk as well. Had to pick it up same day but was well worth the effort of getting it back home.

In short, find an office thats closing down :D

I'd recommend VESA mounts for the monitors. You can either get a tree that attaches to the desk top or get mounts that attach to the wall. This leaves you a clear space on your desktop to use for other things. If you get one that attaches to the desk it's much easier to install than one that attaches to the wall, but you'll have to get a strong desk (No Ikea) so that the mount doesn't rip a chunk out of your desk. A heavy 3cm thick desktop was enough for my mount. The mount for 2 monitors was about $50 on Amazon, and it has a pretty solid, heavy steel construction.

I would also increase your desk budget. All the stuff in your pc list will probably get swapped out within 5 years, but you could keep the same desk for the rest of your life if you buy quality. You don't need to go crazy, but at your current price point, your Seagate hard drive could outlive your desk.

BTW, you may want to google: 3TB Seagate Failure

I have the IKEA Gallant for my table, loved it so much I bought another one to expand my workspace. For the chair I have a fully loaded Herman Miller Aeron it cost me $1200 CAD but is worth every penny for your long term health if you sit all day. I was having severe back pain and this chair elevates 90% off my discomfort. I also have an IKEA Markus and it's very comfortable for only ~$200 I think LifeHacker ranked it #1 for best chairs under $200.