Good CPU & Mobo to match 7970

Hey guys,

uk amazon has a xfx 7970 for £215 which is over £100 off. It seems too good a deal to pass up and im thinking its time to upgrade from my G860 and 7770.

Would logans build of the FX6300 be a good match for this gpu.

Although my current rig is not super powerful it is well balanced, the cpu and gpu seemed to work well together.

I dont want to spend loads maybe another £300 ontop of the 7970 but i was just wondering what cpu, motherboard, ram and psu you might recommend.

I currently have a fractal core 1000 case so would re-use that and i would also re-use my harddrives.

I know everything above is in £ but even if youre from another country your advice would still be welcome.



  1. AMD FX8320
  2. Asus M5A99FX pro R2.0

Very sollid combination, for your 7970.

grtz Angel ☺


+1 to MisteryAngel

That motherboard should let you overclock the FX8320 to 4.0GHz, so it'll be about the same as a stock FX8350.

indeed if he buys a decent aftermarket cooler later on, he will be able to do that. maybe even higher clocks.

If you can, get a 7970 with a different cooler. The XFX one cooles well, but it's very loud under load.

source: I own a XFX HD 7970 DD GHz. 

Thank you very much

ok thanks for the tip