Good CPU for college build?

I'm going to be building a new computer for college this next year. I've done a lot of looking around at different processors, but it's hard when your on an $800 build budget.

Here's what I picked out. What do you think? Is there anything better I could get for the price?

Thats almost enough to get a Hexacore AMD CPU. Â Rule of thumb- intel products are always overpriced

I don't think I want to go with AMD's Hexacore. I thought about it, but then I saw benchmarks where the i5 750 was beating the 6-cores.

I wasn't saying you should get a hexacore. I was just stating that Intel CPUs are expensive and you could get a Phenom II just as good as that I5 for around 50-$100 cheaper.

also crysis warhead benches should not be trusted as they are biased and favor Intel and Nvidia

I'm thinking go with Intel. Although AMD is a lot better value, Intel has a much larger variety of Motherboards. Not to mention performance per watt. Of course, if you don't have an issue with AMD's limited Motherboard selection, or you're using ATi, (which would be nice to know), then AMD is a great choice.

for the things you're doing in college amds hexa core would rape the i5. As lolumad said gpu selection, and the type of motherboard are a big deciding factor here

if you have a microcenter around you then id get for an i7 860($229) or an i5 750($169). if you are not near a microcenter then id probably go with a phenom 2 955 build.

for college? so what, you plan on needing a pc that can run Word and PowerPoint at the same time itunes and a firefox window is open? pretty much any computer can do that. id suggest a laptop so you can bring it to class and the library.

Wurrrrrrrrd. Laptops are college students best friends, just make sure you have good wifi at your college/dorm.

i got this lenovo y560Â its specs are good a core i5, switchable graphics Intel+ati 5730 for 899$ on its a 15.6 inch laptop\it also has good battery life if you're using intel graphics it lasts about 5+ hours with intergrated intel graphicsif you use ati graphics it will be around 3 hours of battery life

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For COLLEGE you say?

I can strongly recommend Asus UL-series of laptops, and not desktop computers for studying.

10+ hours of battery life
Switchable between Intel GMA 4500 MHD and GeForce G210M GPU (powersaving / gaming performance)
Low-voltage Intel Core 2 Duo (1.3 GHz)
Windows 7
13"*, 14" and 15,6" 1366 x 768
Very good wireless connection

Overall, everything you need!

*no dvd drive

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I was going to get a laptop, but this campus only has wireless in a couple buildings ... I think the library and the union building.

Soo I just went with a desktop and maybe I'll throw in a netbook soon.

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