Good, cheap triple monitor stand

I'm looking for a good sturdy triple monitor stand that will mount to my desk(not sit on my desk). It needs to be able to hold at least one 27'' monitor with one 19'' on both sides. I am not to concerned about height adjustment or color.

My budget is 200 dollars.

@Ikagara may be able to help, they've got a triple monitor setup from what I remember. Here you go.

This supports up to three 27". I bought the stand version of this and works out great. I have 3 23" monitors on it. the 2 side monitors have some high adjustment so you can align them to the center monitor. This system is also modular so if something breaks or you want to expand it to support more monitors you can take care of that.
amazon doesn't seem to have

170$ with free shipping from their website, which is cheaper then the stand version on amazon (amazon doesn't have the clamp version it seems)

There are cheaper alternatives for 2/3 or half the price but they are not modular, have lesser build quality, and don't have the side monitor height adjust so if an arm sags the screen wont align with the center.

Deluxe Triple Monitor Stand Free Standing Supports up to 3 28" (002-0020) by EasyMountLCD Deluxe Triple Monitor Stand Free Standing Supports up to 3 28" (002-0020)
by EasyMountLCD

I have this one and love it. Has a good solid stand and easy to adjust.

Thank you guys for the help, I'll be posting pictures of my setup when I get all the stuff in.

@Commissar What do you use?

idk, i got a cheapo single off newegg... i use my desk for the other 2

Ok at this point I'm really thinking about getting 1 4k monitor, but I'm still not sure if it's worth buying.

Right now it's a 50/50 split. If anyone has any thoughts on this that be great.

Also is the pixel density of the of the 19'' monitors going to cause problems. If so couldn't I just get some 15'' or 17'' monitors to get the pixel density a little bit nicer.

I've used a couple of these they are very heavy duty, well built, and reasonably priced.