Good cheap monitor for eyefinity, 280x good enough? etc

Hey. I bought an R9 280x (Gigabyte) for my upcoming rig (getting the rest of the parts in the coming weeks) and I have a few questions about monitors etc.
Could anyone recommend some good monitor I could use for an eyefinity (3) setup? Preferebly less than $200 each.
I have been looking at the AOC 24" LED 2461FWH monitor as it's cheap and has very narrow frames. Does anyone have this monitor and/or could recommend it?
Also as the monitor only has one proper input (HDMI) and my graphics card only has one hdmi would a displayport and a DVI to hdmi cable/adapter do the job?
More questions:
Would my R9 280x handle games such as DiRT 3 with good quality and frames?
Would a Corsair CX750W be good for 280x crossfire? I have an 8320 and will overclock it to ~4.4 GHz. At least as far as the stock volts allow me.