Good, Cheap DSLR camera?

So I was wondering what the cheapest DLSR camera there is out there. I just need a decent camera, not for proffesional use but just to take pictures and videos of all my homebrew projects and ghetto rigs and such that I throw together. My iPhone camera just doesn't cut it. I am willing to buy used, in fact I would buy from someone on the forums if they have a camera they would sell. I have no idea which cameras are worth what, where to buy them, what I need to operate it, etc. I know there are lots of people on the forums who own expensive video and photography equipment and all help is appreciated!

What is your budget? What do you Want for (Vid or Pics) ? Do you need low light Preformance?

Some nice low light pictures would be nice yes. I want it to take pics mainly and some vids. I haven't set a budget yet because I know fuck all about cameras and their prices.

Well i personally have the Canon T4i which is like 700$ With lense. Do you need lenses? I can reccomend some. If you dont want to spend alot i can reccomend some REALLY nice Point and shoots.

They don't come with lenses? And wtf is a point and shoot? I want quality similar to this:

Example of point and shoot:

You can get that quality Images with even 200$ cameras you just need Skill and lighting. Also he probably has a nice camera because theres like no noise.

you can buy the just body. With no lense.

I think I'm just going to get a DSLR. Can you give me some examples of what I can look for used?

i have a nikon d5100 and i got a nice 35mm lens for it that has an f stop of 1.3 so you get nice blurry backgrounds (bohken)


check they have tons of info and just reading some of their reviews will give you insight to cameras in general.

I'd go with a Canon T3i with a 17-40 f4 L; it's the setup I'm upgrading to.

So gamebreakr, If you talk with Beezly he can recommend some good quality DSLRs for you. He also knows plenty. If anything I'll be on in a little bit, about a half an hour or so to talk with you to help. Personal recommendation: Sony Series DSLRs, great camera, nice low priced lenses with quality. Even ask Beez.

I would say get a T3i Canon and get it for like 600$ with a Stock lense 18-55 Then buy a 50mm f1.8 for 100$ and a REALLY nice lense thats like 800$ then your good. Sony DSLRs are AWESOME too.

Jeesus, Does the t3i have a Connection for L lenses? i know the T4i does. That Lense is like 1.5K

Yeah, it does. Buying used, though, so it's not nearly that much :)

I recommend you give the Sony NEX series a look as well. It's a smaller form factor and they have a full size sensor, so you wouldn't be skimping out of performance. The only downside is that since the form factor is relatively new, there aren't many lenses for it. But you can get an adapter and get a different brand of lenses. 

That's what I've been doing. I have an NEX 3 and I use a Nikkor 50mm 1.8f, lens for it. If you want an idea on the image quality and some of the options I'll share some knowledge (:

The Nikon D3000 series is good as well. Depending on the kind of setup you want, I would recommend you just buy the body, and then buy a 50mm or 35mm lens separately. Unless you want the 18-55mm that comes standard as a kit lens. I personally prefer prime lenses. They introduce a level of challenge and you naturally learn how to use the features of the camera.

Go for a d90 off ebay with an inexpensive 35mm prime.