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Good build quality over-ear headphones


So, my DT-880s just recently gave up the ghost and I need to replace them. I loved those things, and they lasted for more than 5 years, but they seem to be out of production. Anyone have recommendations for something with build quality that’s as good as Beyerdynamic’s? or should I just get another pair from some shady ebay dealer? I mostly listen to power metal so I would like something that is mostly balanced. I’m willing to spend around $200.



As far as I can tell, you can order them from Beyerdynamic directly:

Alternatively, you could try Audiotechnica ATH-AD500X. I have them and they can play a lot more “dirty” than the AKG 712 Pro’s.

Prices between the US and Germany for headphones are odd. I am yet to see one available in both countries where they are more expensive here than over in the US.



Depending on what’s defective on your Beyer’s, you could repair them. Beyer sells every single part of every headphone they make directly. And they don’t even up charge for parts building your own headphone from parts costs nearly the same as buying it in one piece.
Just an idea.



Agreed Beyers are very serviceable(as are Sennheisers) must be a German thing. OP: How did they stop working btw? For example if both sides stop working it’s a probably a problem with the cable or plug which is an easy fix with some soldering skills.



Right side stopped working (the side away from the cable. For about 5 minutes it worked intermittently, so I thought the problem was the cable, but I had the cable replaced and it still won’t work.



Try checking the cable in the headband, if it’s intermittent then it’s probably not the driver.



Or the solder connection to the driver.

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Pioneer. Specifically hdj-x5’s, but just pioneer in general.

They blow most of the competitors out of the water. And are completely made of metal.