Good build for 1200$?

ok so heres my build

i know im going with a good case and mobo with a buget of 1200$


i have a water cooling kit i purchesed and i read good reviews on the motherboard and if there is a better build for 1200$ with that case and a black and red mobo (going on a color sceem) then by all means post it.

im gonna play far cry 3 , dead space 3 , call of duty black ops 2 , skyrim , and diablo 3.(high - ultra settings)

im planning to overclock. i will also be using sony vegas and render vids for youtube.


If you got a cheaper case, you could use the saved money to buy more RAM.

i can get more ram its not that mush of a prob but i heard 16gb doesnt rlly help that much but if it sped up my rendering time i would do it


I've heard it helps but it's better to have super fast 8GB's of RAM than slow 16GB's of RAM. But fo' real doe, why not get something like a Fractal Design R4?

well if you look up a review on the case it has some pretty cool features it a full tower and it can fit 360mm water cooling rad (idk if the fractel can)

plus the nzxt switch looks awsome in my perspective.

also how mush watts would i need to run 2way sli 670's?

I think around 600W would be the minimum required. This gen Nvidia GPU's consume a tad bit less power than AMD ones do. Your 750W should be fine.