Good budget 'slimeline' GFX card


I'd like to think that I could intrust the great Tek Syndicate community to point me at a decent "budget" 'slimlimne' GFX card for my PC. 

It is an Acer ASpire X3950, a slim line model meaning I need a slim format GPU, to fit the format/profile of the case.

I've seen some cheap cards for £30 or so though I have a feeling that with the right card I could really utilize the RAM and the CPU in this PC.

Any ideas would be appriciated.

CHeers guys.



This kind of computer?

Is this intended to be a budget gaming system? What do you intend to use it for/what games?

And the only card for £30 is the 9800GT, which is capable of light gaming. I would pair the i3 with a 7770, which is closer to £100, but it would play any game on low-medium. I wouldn't recommend anything higher.

Does that even have an expansion slot? What's that at the top?



brennanriddell even though it doesn't look like it there is APPARENTLY a PCI-express expansion in there some where. I do admit I havent opened her up to have a look just yet; 

Thanks for the advice Beserker.

This PC is not going hardcore gaming, Will definately get a whole new rig for that. This machine is just for light /steam / retro gaming and messing around with Blender really.  

THanks for the swift reply gents 



Best to open her up and make sure it is there!