Good budget earbuds?

Looking for a nice pair of earbuds in the $25 range.  Imm currently using some GoGroove AudiOHM with alright results.  I listen to mainstream/top 40s and some electronic music.  Some bass is nice, as I do some gaming as well.  If you know of a pair of earbuds that are more expensive but are worth the money, suggest them as well.

I had a pair of these Earpollution IEM that were pretty decent for what they cost (~$10 at Walmart) and they had decent build quality.

What I'd really recommend is a pair of JVC Xtreme Xplosive IEMs, the HA-FX3X (or FX1X) if you can find them cheap on eBay. They have 10mm drivers and frequency response 5Hz-25KHz. They were fantastic, bassy but great and the build quality was fantastic.

$7 -

These sound great. Have had a pair for 6 months and they're still holding up. And they are so cheap if you ever need to replace them.

$25 -

Better built quality. Nice flat tangle-free cord. I haven't used these pairs as much so I can't speak on the durability of them.