Good budget build?

is this any good for a budget light gaming build?

its fine but i would recommend spending a bit more and getting an FM2+ mobo so you can upgrade in the future if you wish 2.

Well considering that this is going to be a stretch anyways this is alot.

As nice as the Node 304 is(and believe me, it's an awesome case), it's WAY too much for your budget, especially when it's not on sale.

I would suggest something like:

Stronger CPU, Mini-ITX(seemed like what you wanted), 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, HD 7850(much better than your R7 240).

A good mini itx case to look at would also be the Cooler Master Elite 120:

Try this on for size. It's a bit larger, but far more price-effective. It will also game at 1080 for just about any game you throw at it, medium to high settings with low to medium filters.

It also has a custom cooler, which is practically required for these chips. The RAM is also far more attractive. I dropped down a smidge on the motherboard because, let's face it, you won't be doing tremendous amounts of overclocking on any FM2 motherboard. They just don't have good VRM designs. Expect to get stable overclocks to about 20% over stock.

Also, with builds of this price point, you can't sit around and wait on them. If components seem like they are a good price, buy them right then or they sell out, or the price returns to normal. Take that RAM and the motherboard and the GPU and the PSU. They are all at all-time lows. Buy within the next couple of days.