Good Black gaming headset for under $140

Hey guys I just built my pc and I dont have anything to listen to it with but some old busted speakers. At christmas i usally get around $140 so I was wondering on what head set I should get because I don't really have much experiance with them. I would like them to be black because my mouse and KB are black and I like my things to match if they don't I freak out :P

If you're okay with a separate mic and the deal is still available when you got the money, you could get a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M50 which would be awesome for the money, seriously awesome. If you need a mic get a Zalman clip on mic, I have one myself and it works fine for Skype etc.

If the deal disappears and the M50's become too expensive you can check the Creative Aurvana Live, it's a rebranded Denon headphone and a very nice budget alternative. Again I recommend getting these with the separate mic if you need one, there simply are no descent headsets in the same pricerange, most of them are either bad in sound quality or overpriced, many are both even.

On the there hand if you absolutely must have a retractable mic along with the package the only one I would look at for that particular price range is perhaps a pair of Razer Kraken Pro Blacks. They are closed with good stereo drivers. I don't know much about the mic quality but I have used a ton of headsets and headphones in my day.

The kraken is particularly ment for pure comfort. the cups have a 1 1/2" thick pad and the headband is designed in a way where from on the left and the right side of the headband there are two layers of metal material on the outsides and a cushon in between, with the bit in the middle being purely cushon and no metal. The cups also have 2 joints of movement to adjust to your head and the cups go over your ears (meaning extened use is okay). 


Now usually I hate Razers headsets and headphones. But the krakens are actually pretty freaking nice for the price.


But, if you can somehow conjure some voodoo magic and find a pair of Sennheiser PC350s for $140 (because the lowest I ever found was $160) then i'm pretty sure you won't need another pair of anything for centuries to come.

THEN AGAIN, go for either the kraken or something someone else suggests if you don't have a sound card with headphone amps.