Good beer for elk steak

So I am celebrating my second anniversary with my girlfriend tonight and am cooking elk tenderloin for dinner.  What would be a good beer to accompany the main course? I am also cooking German fried potatoes to serve with the elk.  Thanks for the help!

I suggest dropping the beer for a red or white wine for balance.

But if its beer then I like Belgian wheat ale with my steaks maybe with flavor like what Shock Top offers or whichever IPA might interest you.

Never had Elk Steak, but Beef Steak generally goes well with a Dry Stout like Cadillac Mountain Stout, Gritty McDuff's Black Fly Stout, North Coast Old No. 38 Stout, Sierra Nevada Stout, or if all else fails, a Guinness.

A Pale Ale can work too, like Zombie Dust, Forte Point, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Goose Island India Pale Ale, or in a pinch, pretty much any mainstream American beer...  they're pretty much all Pale Ales, of course most wont hold a candle to a solid craft Pale Ale like the ones I mentioned above.

Tastes differ though, so ymmv.

^stouts with elk. Or better yet make it an Elkhead stout if in WA.

Can you get uinta labyrinth where you live? That would be the stuff. It might be a bit much for the meal, but right after share a bottle.

May I suggest a good burnt porter ... like Black Butte from Deshutes brewery  ... Bend ,OR

Thanks for all the suggestions.  Unfortunately I did not see this before I bought the beer and I was recommended New Belgium 1554 so that's what I went with.  I'll definitely keep this list in the back of my mind for future use! 

I have not heard of that before, but I will definitely keep it in mind the next time I have steak.  I went with New Belgium 1554 because that was recommended to me by a friend.  Also I will be using my Tek Syndicate snifter for the first time tonight so I will make sure to take a picture and share it! 

I don't know enough about wine to know what is worth getting and what is not so that's why I went with beer.  If you can give a few recommendations I will keep them in mind for the next time I cook steak. 

For really good meats I would always go for the Black Chocolate stout from Brooklyn Brewery which really both balances the taste and adds to the dinner experience. It's also the best tasting beer I've ever tasted except from speciality beers like Samichlaus that are to rare and expensive to find for dinners :(