Good Audio Player (PC)

Hello all,

I'm looking for good software to manage and play my music library on my Windows 8.1 PCs. 

Sound off on what you guys use, and why.


I use foobar2000, however, I do not use any of its music library features. I just open my folders in windows and select what I want to listen. Though, it is very powerful in the library aspect. Other aspects that are good imo, file support and playback features. 

I think there are some guides up on the Tek youtube channel made by Logan on how to set up a music library using foobar.

Foobar2K is a great piece of software although there is a bit of a learning curve and it takes a while to set it up. Once you do though it is very nice. Plays everything and is really lightweight and fast. 

 I usually use Foobar for most music, iTunes for the stuff iI have that I bought from there and to sync my iPod, and then either Spotify or Google Play Music. 

I use MusicBee

Great software, ready to go 'out of the box'

Can sync to anything

Has remote software for android - so you can use your phone as a remote for songs on your pc

can be modified to suit your needs

I use Music Bee as well. I don't have much to add in top of what Vandal85 said other than that there are quite a few built-in themes that are nice, in addition to other themes you can download.

Oh, and plugins.

Foobar is usually the goto for listening on the PC.  Usable, flexible and plenty of features (including kernel streaming).

Foobar is great logan made a video on it a long time ago.  He even made templates for you to use I actually use a slightly modified version of one of the ones that he made.  It was amazing the difference between using windows media play and foobar.

Here is the video-


Also he has more videos on it if you look at the playlist.

I have been using MediaMonkey for long time. Now Im using Clementine (works in Win and Linux) and Im happy with it. Give it a try.

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i personaly use virtual Dj, its free for home use.

Its basicly a mixing software. in which you can create your own mixes.

Dedicated Foobar fan, was from finding Logan's youtube vids about it that I ended up here.

It is a complex and complicated app, but has so many powerful features it has become my main audio toolkit as well as the only audio player i need.

I use 2 players, Media Monkey to load up my portable and Foobar 2K as a player